We’re taking immersion to
innovative heights

Metaphysiks brings the human body into the digital world, creating new experiences and emotions.

Through this, we are humanizing the Metaverse, ensuring physical and emotional engagement within digital worlds.

Our technology generates targeted sensations, feelings, and emotions in the brain through the skin. This is made by combining the richest tactile stimulation with proprietary neuro-inspired software.

Introducing the first MetaTouch experience

Meet STill. Immerse your body into a soothing digital space for better sleep, relaxation, and meditation. The STill experience can be integrated in different form factors and products.

Technology meets neuroscience

Experience Physical sensations which have positive mental effects. STill combines cutting-edge technology with neuroscience to recover and enhance wellbeing.

Support from humans

An expert guides you through the deep sensations you feel to reconnect your mind and body.

Engineered thermal experience

STill continuously regulates the temperature between 10°C and 45°C to tap into the thermo-regulation processes that help you relax and sleep.

STill uses immersive technology to effectively combat stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep.
STill tackles some of the biggest challenges to human wellbeing in the modern world.
About Us

Metaphysiks makes the digital come alive

Metaphysiks merges the human body with the digital world to create new experiences and emotions. Built by neuroscientists and researchers, all developments are made with the ultimate aim of humanizing the metaverse.

We take pride in being

Backed By Leading Research

Metaphysiks was founded by passionate industry experts and neuroscientists.