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Enabling physical engagement & feelings in games

The future of gaming is driven by the need for richer and highly personalised experiences which can only be fully unlocked by bringing the physical body and our feelings into digital worlds

Virtual Reality (VR) gaming

Today, gaming experiences are limited to visual and audio-based engagements with no physical immersions and with no emotional connections between players

Metaphysiks’ revolutionary neuro-haptic technology will, for the first time ever, enable the production of immersive gaming accessories that can deliver physical and emotional engagements both within games and between its players.

Immersion & realism

We deliver these benefits through MetaTouch a neuro-haptic skin, that allows users to bring their sensations and feelings into games.

MetaTouch uses ultra-fast thermal and touch gradients to simulate sensory features of digital objects and environmental cues – for example, the heat of an explosion, the warmth of another player’s skin, the cold of a snowball, or the wetness of raindrops.

Accessibility & inclusivity

Leveraging sensory substitution with rich haptic feedback augments the senses and will allow players to feel their surroundings like never before

This is possible through new sensory signals telling you that an enemy/ally is approaching, that a character is tired, or that something big is about to happen in the game, through a new sixth sense feature.

MetaTouch’s ability to impact emotions, focus, and arousal within the game also unlocks a huge potential for intuitive and felt connections among players, which augments social network effects.

The ability to give and receive both physical stimulations and feelings within a digital universe unlocks massive value for both gaming companies and gamers

Value-add for gaming companies

Enhanced gaming experience

Establish tomorrow-ready credentials

Improve offering

Value-add for users

True immersive experience: feel, and be in the game physically and emotionally

New player features: extend what your senses can feel or create a sixth sense

Teamwork: privately and intuitively share your intentions and emotions with your team members

Stay in the zone: we help you calm down or energize before, after, or during the game

Step up your game: better reaction time during challenging tasks

Feelings and emotions to new digital realms




Immerse your body in soothing digital spaces for enhanced relaxation.


Restore feeling and sensations in patient populations

Consumer Electronics

Small changes to make a big impact on our everyday lives.

Physical & Mental Training

Multisensory support for mindfulness practices

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