Our Mission

Digitally activating what makes us human

About us

Metaphysiks makes the digital come alive

We develop groundbreaking immersive technology that combines world leading neuroscience and robotics to create multisensory experiences.

Our vision

Positively transform lives by merging the best of both the physical and digital worlds

The metaverse is set to massively disrupt every industry, bringing huge changes to the way people interact with the digital world. We want to make sure emotions and the human experience are not lost when these advancements take place, and so are striving to bring feelings and emotions to these new digital realms.

Feelings and emotions to new digital realms




Immerse your body in soothing digital spaces for enhanced relaxation.


Restore feeling and sensations in patient populations

Consumer Electronics

Small changes to make a big impact on our everyday lives.

Physical & Mental Training

Multisensory support for mindfulness practices

Team & key partners

Our team of industry leaders

Prof. Olaf Blanke
Chief Scientific Advisor
Dr. Giulio Rognini
Head of Partnerships
Dr. Simon Gallo
Head of Technology & Product
Rafael Aviram
Board Advisor
Laurent Jenni
R&D – Hardware & Firmware
Mathilde Bensimhon
R&D - Neuroscience
Diego Hangartner
Meditation and Wellbeing Advisor
We take pride in being

Backed by leading research

Metaphysiks was founded by passionate industry experts and neuroscientists.

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