The science and technology behind MetaTouch

Developed over years by our in-house scientists, take a look at the MetaTouch technology on which Metaphysiks is built.

Metaphysiks' core technology MetaTouch

Our neuro-haptic skin generates targeted sensations, feelings, and emotions in the brain through stimulation of the body, transforming the way we perceive the digital world.

Think. Feel. Experience.



Out of body experiences

Perceive the world like never before.

Restore sensations

Restore touch perception and manage pain.

Feeling human presence

Truly connect in the new digital world.

Sleep enhancement

A radical, yet human approach to easing anxiety.

Perception of materials

Feel the material of digital objects: glass, wood, metal, etc...

The science behind MetaTouch

MetaTouch is based on a decade of groundbreaking research at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) by Professor Blanke, Dr. Gallo and Dr. Rognini.

The academic collaboration combined neuroscience with engineering on haptics, soft robotics, and human augmentation to create conscious experiences and perceptions in the human mind, even if those experiences were not physically real.

The combined research efforts resulted in several patents which are exclusively licensed to Metaphysiks.

The founding team's research has also been published in several leading science journals, including "Nature" and "Science".

Amputees feel warmth in their missing hand

In a work in collaboration with EPFL and published in the prestigious journal "Science", MetaTouch was used to restore thermal sensations and material perception in amputees.

We take pride in being

Backed by leading research

Metaphysiks was founded by passionate industry experts and neuroscientists.

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