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MetaTouch enables brands to disrupt the wellness device market

MetaTouch enables brands to disrupt the wellness device market by connecting the body of users with digital worlds to create completely new and unique customer experiences.

Many physical products in the wellness (and furniture) industry are disconnected from digital experiences and lack the innovation of new features

This includes, for example, massage chairs and devices as well as work-related products such as mouse pads and office chairs. These objects are typically “passive” and provide a limited personalized experience.

Integration of MetaTouch into wellness products

Metaphysiks makes these objects alive by giving them the possibility to actively provide physical and mental wellness benefits to users as well as connecting the body of users with digital worlds to create completely new customer experiences.

Upgrade your technology to provide a human-like touch and fully personalized thermal experiences.

Differentiate your offering by transforming a commoditized service into new immersive experiences.

Expand and segment users by offering a human-like massage, a thermal massage, an immersive experience, a multisensory guided meditation, or a combination of programs.

Diversify and personalize service offerings through fully individualized multisensory stimulation, immersion, and mindfulness content.

MetaTouch neuro-haptic experiences

Human-like touch – simulating the sensation of being touched by a human being  
Thermal hot and cold feeling – ultra-fast changes within a fully personalized range
Immersive sensations feel the rain, sea waves, walking on snow or grass, and much more
Stress relief enhance meditation and relaxation (scientifically proven)
Sleep enhancement – increase sleep quality (scientifically proven)  
Our Vision

Positively transform lives by merging the best of both the physical and digital worlds

The metaverse is set to massively disrupt every industry, bringing huge changes to the way people interact with the digital world. We want to make sure emotions and the human experience are not lost when these advancements take place, and so are striving to bring feelings and emotions to these new digital realms.

Feelings and emotions to new digital realms




Immerse your body in soothing digital spaces for enhanced relaxation.


Restore feeling and sensations in patient populations

Consumer Electronics

Small changes to make a big impact on our everyday lives.

Physical & Mental Training

Multisensory support for mindfulness practices

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